referral information

Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital will take referrals for a diagnostic test or procedures. We appreciate the referral and will always send you records and reports of the services provided. Your client has been informed that we will be sending information back to their regular veterinarian and that we insist on their return to your hospital or clinic for continued care.

We welcome any referral for our services which include:

We ask the referring Veterinarians to please complete our referral form in an online version or print version for fax. You can fax the referral form, patient records, and any other necessary information to us at 413-499-4191.

Our Doctors will review and determine the next step within 24 hours of receiving the referral information.

After the appointment and or procedure is complete, the records and results will be sent back to the referring Doctor. It is our general policy that we will not be keeping these clients as new Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital clients.

Please let us know how we can continue to serve you in the best way to meet your hospital's individual needs.