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Dr. John Reynolds
John Reynolds, DVM

Dr. John Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds grew up in the suburbs of northern New Jersey in a family that was devoid of dogs, cats, horses and all but a few small caged mammals. His parents had never had pets and his brother and sister were both severely allergic to dog and cat fur. He’d never been to a Veterinarian’s office as a young boy. So how did he end up becoming a Veterinarian, enjoying his career for over 30 years and owning the Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital? It was all because of a book: All Creatures Great and Small by James Harriot. When Dr. Reynolds was a junior in high school, he read this book and fell in love with the profession of veterinary medicine. He had dreams of laying on a cold barn floor helping a cow deliver its calf, or assisting the people and their pets of the small community he lived in, at his small office and surgery. This dream of living the country vet life, his passion for the biologic sciences, the fascination of problem solving and the enjoyment of working with people, drove him to spend his summers and college studies learning about the “real” profession of veterinary medicine.
While attending Colgate University as an undergraduate student, Dr. Reynolds spent his summers working for both rural and city veterinarians—fully solidifying is desire to become a veterinarian. He attended the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University and then participated in a yearlong internship at the Oradell Animal Hospital and referral center in NJ.

After working in a few different veterinary hospitals and living in those varied settings, Dr. Reynolds and his spouse, Valeri Reynolds, were looking to settle down. They hoped to find a smaller community and own a veterinary hospital. All while raising a family. Fortunately, Dr. Len Perry, the owner and sole veterinarian at Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital, wanted to retire and was looking for a veterinarian to take over his business. In 1996 Dr. Reynolds, Valeri and their newborn daughter moved to the Berkshires and made it their home

Dr. Reynolds has been active in the Central Berkshire community since moving to Pittsfield in 1996. He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Pittsfield, holding the offices of Treasure, Vice President and President, as well as the President of the Pittsfield Rotary Foundation. He has been a member of the Animal Control Commission of Pittsfield since 1998, holding the role of Chair since 2001. The Commission is a subcommittee of the Pittsfield City Council and also serves as the Hearing Board for animal control violations. Dr. Reynolds has led the staff at PVH to work closely with the Berkshire Humane Society since 1996. In 2012, he was asked to be on the Board of Directors for BHS and in 2016 was awarded Volunteer of the Year by the staff members.

Starting in 2004, he has been a member of Veterinary Study Groups Inc., a Veterinary Management group for hospital owners that provides continuous education, support and camaraderie. This group has provided the business education and inspiration that is not typically taught at veterinary school. Dr. Reynolds has expanded his veterinary skills by becoming trained in the use of both rigid and flexible endoscopy and has equipped the operating room with the necessary equipment to offer these services. Even after thirty years as a veterinarian, Dr. Reynolds looks forward to the challenges of managing the “business” of veterinary medicine as well as medical & surgical care given to the patients. He has found that creating an outstanding workplace for his team, where excellent veterinary services are offered to the patients, is just as exciting as removing a bouncy ball from a dogs stomach with an endoscope!

Dr. Reynolds & Valeri are now enjoying their life as “empty nesters”, watching and supporting their three adult child navigate the world away from home. Outside of work, John relishes running to train for 5k races, paddling kayaks, canoes and paddleboards, competing with his partner in paddle triathlons, building stone walls and walkways, renovating their home on Richmond Pond and playing in a good game of Mahjongg with Valeri and friends. He and Valeri love to cook and enjoy trying new cuisines. Lasagna with homemade spinach pasta and Bolognese sauce is a favorite!
Dr. Michelle Looney​​​​​​​
Michelle Looney, DVM

Dr. Michelle Looney​​​​​​​

Medical Director
Dr. Looney is a native of the Berkshires and feels fortunate to have been raised in a close extended family, many of whom still live locally. Both farm animals and house pets have always been a part of her life and extensions of her family. As a child, she and her parents were clients of Dr.Perry, the original owner of Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital!

She attended The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY on an athletic swimming scholarship and graduated with biology and chemistry majors. She did undergraduate research at Albany Medical College in biochemistry and joined their graduate program for one year after college. Seeking out a warmer climate, she attended The University of Tennessee, College of Veterinary Medicine, where she fell in love with her field! While cherishing her time in Tennessee, she developed a strong interest in veterinary internal medicine as well as surgery and ultrasonography. Not yet ready to leave academics, she was accepted into and completed a small animal internal medicine and surgery internship at Oradell Animal Hospital in New Jersey.

Dr. Looney spent the first 10 years of her career living north of Boston, enjoying the environment of a rapidly growing emergency and specialty practice, now known as Ethos. During this time she met her husband and they began raising a family. While their three beautiful children were still young, they decided to move back home to the Berkshires to be with their larger family. Now busy with two children in high school and one in college, they have two black labradors, a cat, and two parakeets. They enjoy hiking as a family and being a part of high school athletics.

Dr. Looney is the Medical Director of Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital and is deeply invested in enriching the lives of our staff, our clients and their animals. She strives to continuously strengthen our veterinary team and to continue finding methods that allow us to provide the best possible medicine while meeting the needs of our community. Having been with us now for 15 years, her personal focuses remain in internal medicine and surgery as well as abdominal ultrasound and echocardiography. She has an interest in exotic animal medicine, feeling that all species of animals deserve the opportunity for excellent health care!

Dr. Madeleine Hoog-Crellin
Madeleine Hoog-Crellin, DVM

Dr. Madeleine Hoog-Crellin

Dr. Mady knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was 5 or 6 years old. Once she was old enough she starting spending her summers gaining experience and learning as much as she could in preparation to become a vet. Dr. Mady has worked at 21 vet practices starting at the age of 14 as a kennel cleaner. She has also worked as a groomer, a tech assistant, a receptionist and a technician as she kept gaining experience at various large and small animal hospitals all over the country. She has even worked at a zoo, milked cows on a few different farms, raised calves, did cognitive research with rescue horses at a non-profit, and worked on many horse farms.

Dr. Mady graduated from University of Vermont with a pre vet degree. Upon graduation she completed her Doctorate of Veterinary medicine from Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. There, she was an active participant in the ISU Feral Cat Alliance and president of the Holistic club.
Since graduating she has practiced in NJ, NY and Massachusetts. At Pittsfield Vet, Dr. Mady specializes in Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Holistic medicine. She also has interests in internal medicine, radiology and physical therapy. She completed the veterinary spinal manipulation course at the Healing Oasis in Wisconsin in addition to completing the basic and advanced acupuncture courses at the Chi Institute in Florida. When asked what the most rewarding part of her profession was, Dr. Mady responded “There are many parts of my job that I love. The problem solving of tough medical problems, helping to keep animal family members healthy, strengthening the human-animal bond, and learning new science.” She also loves teaching and sharing veterinary medicine with others.

She lives on a small farm over the border in New York with her two precocious and wild daughters whom are the light of her life. Together they have horses, chicken, dogs and cats on their farm. In her spare time she continues to ride horses, garden, and work around the farm with her girls.​​​​​

Dr. Elizabeth Kulik
Elizabeth Watson, DVM

Dr. Elizabeth Watson (née Kulik)

Dr. Watson has been part of the team at Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital since June 2016. A native of Worthington, Dr. Watson has always loved the woods and hills of Western MA, and takes a particular delight in observing the natural world (she still routinely flips over rocks to see what might be living underneath). As a child, she enjoyed caring for various household pets, and was always eager to accompany them to the vet for checkups.

Dr. Watson earned a B.A. in Sociology from Tufts University and worked at a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC for several years. As a volunteer at a local animal shelter, she had a “lightbulb” moment that started her on the path to a dramatic career change. She moved back to Massachusetts and studied animal science at UMass Amherst while working as a veterinary assistant. Dr. Watson earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University. During veterinary school she worked as a farmhand on the university farm, caring for cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens. (She especially loved the newborn piglets.)

Dr. Watson loves being a general practitioner because the wide variety of patients and medical concerns makes every day unique. She enjoys getting to know clients and working with them to meet their individual needs and the needs of their animal companions. She has special interests in wellness/preventative care, soft tissue surgery, ultrasonography, and dermatology. Dr. Watson is deeply grateful to be working with a “dream team” of friendly, brilliant, funny, and collaborative coworkers at PVH!

In her free time, Dr. Watson enjoys sewing, kayaking, and observing wildlife. She and her husband Matt have a number of trail cameras around their property and love capturing footage of bears, foxes, porcupines, and many other critters. They live in Washington, MA with their two pets: an orange tabby cat named Levon and a “dixie dog” named Tucker.

Dr. Joseph Devereaux
Joseph Devereaux, DVM

Dr. Joseph Devereaux

Dr. Devereaux grew up in Leicester, MA and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Worcester State University. While there, he met his girlfriend, Sarah, who double majored in Early Childhood Education and English. Dr. Devereaux earned his DVM at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN.

At home Dr. Devereaux has a marvelous mutt named Obi-Wan (although he usually gets referred to as “Egg” or “Dingo”). He is a rescue and not always the best with strangers, but he hopes to introduce him to more people as he gets settled in their new home. He also has 2 fish tanks, 3 crested geckos, and about 38 poison dart frogs, which he breeds, so that number is always changing.
When not working, Dr. Devereaux loves hiking, kayaking, photography, scuba diving, and spending time at home with Sarah and all the animals.
Besides seeing cats, dogs, and small mammals, Dr. Devereaux really enjoys working with reptiles and birds.

Dr. Andrea Rusilowicz
Andrea Rusilowicz, DVM

Dr. Andrea Rusilowicz

Dr. Rusilowicz grew up in Connecticut and has been in the veterinary world ever since she was three years old. Her “gramps” was a veterinarian and he would give her a stool to sit on so she could watch him as he did surgery on his patients. He would even give her a bowl of water and some gauze so she could help “clean” the animals. As Dr. Rusilowicz got older, if she wasn’t in her grandfather’s clinic she was doing some other animal related things. From being a farm hand on horse farms, to working at the local aquarium, to working in an avian and reptile rehab facility, and more.

Dr. Rusilowicz completed her pre vet degree from the University of Vermont and completed her Doctorate of Veterinary medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Rusilowicz ended up in Oregon when she was placed there for her clinical year. She liked it there so much that she decided to stay after graduation and started working in a mixed animal practice for one and a half years. Shortly after that she moved to Knoxville for three years and worked at a small animal only practice.

Dr. Rusilowicz met the love of her life, Austin, in 2012 at a rock climbing gym. They got married on an alpaca farm in Vermont in June 2019. The alpaca farm had 5 babies while we were there for our wedding, so that's got to be good luck...right?

Almost all of Dr. Rusilowicz and her husband’s family is in Massachusetts and Connecticut so they finally decided that it was finally time to come home. They now live in the Berkshires with their dog Almond, a parvo puppy rescue, and their island kitty named Esmerelda, aka Ezzy. They decided on the Berkshires because of all of the amazing outdoor activities that they can benefit from. Dr. Rusilowicz and her husband are excited for all the mountain biking and hiking they can do in the Berkshires, and they are really excited for the winter sports.

Dr. Rusilowicz is excited to begin a new journey with Pittsfield Vet. She can’t wait to learn more about exotic medicine, and is really excited for future surgical opportunities here. Surgery is her number one passion and she will have room to learn and grow so she can offer great surgery options to the local community.