Nails and Scratching

Scratching is normal behavior for cats. It is important to provide an appropriate scratching post for your kitten so that he or she shoes not learn to scratch your furniture, carpets, curtains or walls. Reward your kitten for scratching on the post with treats or verbal praise.

If you are having trouble getting your car to scratch on the post you can put some catnip on the post to draw your cat to the post.

Different cats like different configurations and materials on their scratching posts. Some cats like taller posts or scratch pads hung from door handles while other may like scratching pads on the floor. Other cats prefer rope or carpet or corrugated cardboard for scratching. You may need to try a few different types of scratching posts before you find the one that your cat likes the best.

If you catch your cat clawing inappropriate items try distracting him or her with a loud noise or a squirt gun. Once you cat stops the scratching move him or her to an appropriate scratching post.

Scratching is often a social behavior for cats. If your car does not use the scratching post where you have placed it, try putting it next to areas where you frequently sit and spend time. You can also locate a scratching post directly in front of the object your cat is choosing to scratch.

Placing double sided tape or upside down plastic carpet protectors where your cat stands to scratch can sometimes prevent scratching by making the behavior uncomfortable.

Frequent trimming of your cat's nails will decrease is or her tendency to scratch objects. If you start trimming the nail at an early age more cats will learn to tolerate this well. If you would like us to teach you how to trim the nails, please ask.

Soft paws are claw covers that can be applies to the nails and secured with glue. Some owners find theses to be a very effective way to deter destruction of furniture.

We do not routinely recommend declawing cats because it is a painful surgery and most scratching behavior can be stopped through other means. If you have tried other methods and your cat continues to be destructive we can discuss options and plans with you.