Comprehensive Dental Program

By 3 to 5 years of age, the majority of cats and dogs have mild to moderate dental disease and would benefit from dental care. We recommend a comprehensive dental exam and appropriate treatment. Dental hygiene can reduce bad breath, promote better overall health, decrease pain and help our beloved pets live longer.

Our Comprehensive Dental Program Includes:

  • A Detailed Oral Exam

  • Assessment of the Teeth with Digital X-Rays

  • Professional Cleaning

  • Any Appropriate Treatment While Under General Anesthesia

Dental and periodontal disease can only be effectively addressed while the pet is fully anesthetized. The assessment includes full mouth X-Rays to evaluate the teeth below the gum line. This is where dental disease such as infection, fractures and root abscesses can be found. Professional cleaning includes hand scaling, scraping, and polishing to remove visible tartar and leave the teeth looking clean. Treatment of damage and infection may include oral surgery and repair.

A dental estimate which includes preoperative blood work as well as the dental treatment will be provided to the client before the procedure. ​​​​

After the Surgery

After the dental procedure your pet will go home in the afternoon and may seem a little sleepy or sore for the next 12 to 24 hours. If oral surgery was performed, the gums will take about two weeks to heal. During the recovery period it is imperative that the animal is not allowed to chew on bones or toys and is fed a soft food to prevent any complications. At the recheck exam we will discuss options to maintain dental health and preventative care.

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Dog Teeth Cleaning at Pittsfield Veterinary Hospital