Please join us in welcoming Dr. Andrea Rusilowicz to PVH

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Andrea Rusilowicz to PVH

Please join us in welcoming our newest veterinarian. 

Dr. Andrea Rusilowicz

Dr. Rusilowicz grew up in Connecticut and has been in the veterinary world ever since she was three years old. Her “gramps” was a veterinarian and he would give her a stool to sit on so she could watch him as he did surgery on his patients. He would even give her a bowl of water and some gauze so she could help “clean” the animals. As Dr. Rusilowicz got older, if she wasn’t in her grandfather’s clinic she was doing some other animal related things. From being a farm hand on horse farms, to working at the local aquarium, to working in an avian and reptile rehab facility, and more.

Dr. Rusilowicz completed her pre vet degree from the University of Vermont and completed her Doctorate of Veterinary medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Rusilowicz ended up in Oregon when she was placed there for her clinical year. She liked it there so much that she decided to stay after graduation and started working in a mixed animal practice for one and a half years. Shortly after that she moved to Knoxville for three years and worked at a small animal only practice.

Dr. Rusilowicz met the love of her life, Austin, in 2012 at a rock climbing gym. They got married on an alpaca farm in Vermont in June 2019. The alpaca farm had 5 babies while we were there for our wedding, so that's got to be good luck...right?

Almost all of Dr. Rusilowicz and her husband’s family is in Massachusetts and Connecticut so they finally decided that it was finally time to come home. They now live in the Berkshires with their dog Almond, a parvo puppy rescue, and their island kitty named Esmerelda, aka Ezzy. They decided on the Berkshires because of all of the amazing outdoor activities that they can benefit from. Dr. Rusilowicz and her husband are excited for all the mountain biking and hiking they can do in the Berkshires, and they are really excited for the winter sports.

Dr. Rusilowicz is excited to begin a new journey with Pittsfield Vet. She can’t wait to learn more about exotic medicine, and is really excited for future surgical opportunities here. Surgery is her number one passion and she will have room to learn and grow so she can offer great surgery options to the local community.